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The West Side Bazaar's restaurants are open for curbside pick up. To order food, buy a gift certificate, and learn which retail businesses are selling online, visit the West Side Bazaar's website, follow us on Facebook or Instagram, or call 716-783-8489.


The Bazaar is located at 25 Grant Street in Buffalo.

WEDI’s West Side Bazaar is a small business incubator where aspiring entrepreneurs test retail concepts and learn the fundamentals of running a business. It is also a community gathering space where people of all races, ethnicities, and socioeconomic backgrounds share a love of delicious food and unique products.

The Bazaar has six food kiosks featuring Chinese, Ethiopian, Japanese, Malaysian, Pakistani, and Thai cuisines; and five retail kiosks selling items from Africa, Burma, India, Iraq, Korea, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. Located on Grant Street in a developing area, The Bazaar has played an important role in restoring the surrounding neighborhood to its former state of vibrancy.


To learn more about incubating a business at the Bazaar and get on our waiting list, please fill out this form. A WEDI staff member will contact you to schedule an introductory call.



You can support businesses that incubated at the West Side Bazaar and now have their own independent retail locations: