Community is the who, what, when, where, and why of the WEDI organization. By bringing people with similar goals together, we strengthen efforts toward achieving those goals and create a more diverse and sustainable community. Our community development work can be seen in our West Side Bazaar small business incubator, which provides a space for business owners to test their concepts in a supportive environment while providing customers with a food and retail space.

The West Side Bazaar acts not only as a business incubator but as a cultural crossroads, wherein small businesses and customers from different backgrounds interact freely. While this incubator is a new cultural experience for some, it is also a little slice of home for many of our neighbors. The West Side Bazaar brings Buffalo residents together through a shared language of food and culture and, in the process, has transformed the surrounding neighborhood for the better. Numerous WEDI-sponsored businesses and entrepreneurs from the West Side Bazaar have been featured on NPR, Yahoo News, The Buffalo News, and Buffalo Rising, as well as international publications. By championing diversity and attracting publicity in this way, WEDI helps create a more vibrant, sustainable Buffalo community.